Solar Rover Ambulant EEG System

Solar Rover 16 channels ambulant EEG Holter highly compact superior capability , suitable operation and delicacy together to provide advanced monitoring and analysis application for OPD, Neurology, paediatric Dept. Epilepsy center and other relative departments.

Solar Rover 16 channels EEG Holter

Auto-adapt square-wave calibrating;

Large LCD of high resolution and clarity, automatic screen protec tion and rearward light;

Real-time observe EEG waveform without connecting to workstation.

Adjustable parameters (sampling ratio; channels, etc.);

Macro-memorize technique 24hr EEG recording without compression.

High anti-interference capacity to apply to complex environments;

EEG waveform reliable recorded without distortion;

Superior expansion capacity;

Solar-Rover analysis system has functions such as quick-review, mark and retrieve, long-time data analysis, spike measurement and power spectrum.

Event marking;

Compacted record box with smart volume and portable with a 1097328(mm)dimension.

Optional to choose Solar Rover 8 channels EEG recorder.

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